Mission: Resolve points of friction in light construction to empower our clients through innovation

Throughout our combined experiences in Property Management, we have encountered continual pain points of finding and using consistent quality vendors aimed to serve smaller projects.  While many companies seek out large projects, only a few companies are focused on the smaller and more frequent jobs such as Painting, Resurfacing, Cleaning, and Handyman services.  In response to this shortfall in the market, we look to find, vet, and handle compliance hurdles to open up a new pool of quality vendors for our clients.


Vision: Become the premier marketplace to connect qualified vendors to our valued customers.

Our online platform to find, source, and vet quality vendors to help provide quick, quality service.  We take care all compliance and accounting for our vendors to allow them to focus on what they do best: quality turn work.  Our customer's experience is the single most important thing to us.  


Turns LLC is partnered with Trustwork, which provides our Market Place platform, helping provide Turns LLC with a quality product. Our shared belief in the mission to empower each worker, and elevate our entire human family makes Trustwork a strategic partner with a unified goal. Trustwork focuses on providing the tools needed to help establish the level of trust that allows Turns LLC to focus on finding and connecting quality Vendors to our Clients.