Our Services

We offer extremely detailed scopes of work for every job on the Turns platform. We also have an area in each project where you can add your own notes to truly put your personal touch and preference on each job.



Apartments are left sparkling clean and smelling great to make a very important positive first impression on your new resident in their new home.



Resurfacing or refinishing a tub and shower wall is a great way to make an older tub look brand new. We also offer countertop resurfacing that includes primer and seal that make them shine.


Interior Paint

Whether it is a completely new color of paint or just the same as the original, a fresh coat goes a long way. All walls and ceilings are repaired and prepped before any texture and paint are applied. Our painters take a ton of pride in their work and know the importance of a quality paint job.


Sheetrock & Drywall Repair

When a quality paint job isn't enough, our professional sheet-rock repair will revitalize your home. Careful preparation, tape, float, and final sanding ensure that your walls are left looking brand new.


Make REady Services

We offer anything from appliance installation to a simple punchlist. Your maintenance team’s time is very important and we know we can deliver a thorough make ready that saves their time and your money. Apartments can sit in the make ready stage for days and left unattended because your maintenance team is busy with work orders. We are here to eliminate days where apartments are untouched and save you money on vacancy loss.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can extend any carpet’s life and save you from paying for a complete replacement. Not to mention, we offer pet treatment.