Best Practices


Using Turns

  • Be sure you are able to complete a project before bidding. Pay attention to required start dates and deadlines. Read scopes of work carefully to ensure you can provide all the tools and materials necessary to get the job done.

  • Reach out to the customer directly before bidding if you have questions.

  • Use the Bid and Counter Bid tool in order to submit pricing.

  • Submit a picture of the front door or address as soon as you arrive on site.

  • Do not begin work until you have a job posting in contract.

  • If you have questions when you arrive onsite, reach out to the customer and/or Turns support immediately.

  • When you are done with your work, submit pictures and mark the job complete.

  • If your customer declines to mark your job complete, find out the issue and make the necessary repairs. It is up to you to ensure completion of your job.

  • If any issues arise during this process, reach out to Turns support at (512) 777-4478 immediately. Your success is our highest priority.


Professionalism and Customer Service

  • Always leave the work space better and cleaner than how you found it.

  • Dress for the job and dress presentably.

  • Never use profane language.

  • Keep volume low in your work area whether you are playing music or just talking.

  • Double check that you are legally parked and not in a parking spot reserved by a resident. Never park in future resident parking or any reserved parking spaces.

  • If there is ever a difference in expectations between you and a customer, reach out to Turns support immediately. We are here to serve you, and will make sure every situation is resolved for both parties.



  • You must be subscribed to Turns including a verified W9 and ACH form as well as a signed vendor agreement in order to receive payment from Turns LLC.

  • Payment is net 7 after work has been verified by the customer

  • Payments are issued on Wednesdays and take 1-2 business days to process and reflect in your account. You will receive the payment details on Thursday or Friday as a PDF attachment in your Trustwork messenger.

  • The amount shown on the job posting is the amount you will be paid. It is important to use the bidding function when discussing prices with customers, that way they know exactly what they will pay once fees are calculated.